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strongRope Fibre Rigging

This standing rigging is made with Dynice Dux overbraided with Dynice. The great advantages of this fibre rigging are significant gains in strength with far lower weight aloft, resulting in a reliable rig, a stiffer, faster boat with a greatly reduced pitching moment.

Dux  is very much a known quantity, it has been widely used in the offshore industries and harsh environments for some time, and does not suffer from the drawbacks affecting all of the other more exotic fibres, the Lloyds certification meets with approval by insurers. 

strongRope calibrate the rope during assembly so that when installed the only adjustment needed is fine tuning via either rigging screws  or lashings.  

In many cases this rigging can be retro fitted with minimal change required, provided with bearing point to bearing point measurements strongRope can prepare the stays so they simply need to be attached and tensioned, after which the stays can be expected to perform within the parameters of quality stainless dyform. Lifespan of this rigging is expected to be at least as good as wire.

strongRope can also supply just the rope and fittings, our  advice is free.


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